Welcome to the Lake Country Parishes website.  We are happy to provide both our parishioners and our many visitors with this website so that they may be able to be kept up to date with our parish events and other important information.  Please check back here frequently as we update our site often.  Heaven's blessings!  

    “Just as Christ, after His baptism and the coming upon Him of the Holy Spirit went forth and defeated the adversary, so also with you. After holy Baptism and the Mystical Chrism, having put on the full suit of armor of the Holy Spirit, you are to withstand the power of the adversary, and defeat him, saying, 'I am able to do all things in Christ, Who strengthens me.'” 
                                                                                                                          -St. Cyril of Jerusalem (d. 386)


           "As Christians, our task is to make daily progress toward God. Our pilgrimage on earth is a school in which God is the only teacher, and it demands good students, not ones who play truant. In this school we learn something every day. We learn something from commandments, something from examples, and something from sacraments. These things are remedies for our wounds and materials for study."                                                                                                              - St. Augustine of Hippo, 354-430 A.D.  



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Parish Cluster Mass Times

At Lake Country Parishes, we follow a summer schedule (Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend) and a winter schedule (the weekend after Labor Day until Memorial Day weekend). Throughout the course of the year, weekday mass times do not change.

"Winter" Schedule (beginning the weekend after Labor Day weekend):
Saturday at 4pm at St. Alice
Sunday at 8:30 am at St. Christopher's
Sunday at 10:30 am at Our Lady of Lourdes

"Summer" Schedule:
Saturday at 4 pm at St. Alice
Saturday at 5:30 pm at St. Christopher's
Sunday at 8:00 am at St. Christopher's
Sunday at 9:00 am at St. Alice
Sunday at 9:30 am at St. Christopher's
Sunday at 10:30 am at Our Lady of Lourdes

Weekday Masses*
Tuesday at St. Christopher at 8:30
Wednesday at Our Lady of Lourdes at 8:30
Thursday at St. Alice at 8:30
Friday at Good Samaritan Home (Pine River) at 10.

*30 minutes before each daily mass we pray the rosary and chaplet of Divine Mercy. Please join us.

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